Inner Dialogue Between the Snooze buttons

The best invention ever…the snooze button.  I intentionally set my alarm earlier than I need to get up to allow me to hit the snooze button multiple times.  Often times I don’t really hear the initial alarm go off but something inside of me wakes up just enough to hit the snooze.  Something else happens….and the reason I love my “snooze times”…. 

My mind becomes semi-conscious.  It goes into a dreamlike state but it’s conscious enough that I often recall the mini dreams that occur in those 9 mins.  Dreams fascinate me.  It’s my soul telling stories, my mind releasing thoughts from deep within and my subconscious attempting to send me a message.   This morning was no exception.

An inner dialogue took place this morning in those special 9 mins.  A small version of  “myself” appear. Oddly as usual…no facial features, no clothes but not naked, just a filled in outline of myself…in red.  I’m sure there is some hidden meaning to this version of myself appearing red (if anyone has any theories, I would love to hear them).  This version of myself was the hurt, the pain, loneliness and asking why, how could “he” etc. 

Another figure appeared.  It was also a version of “myself”.  The same faceless filled in outline but in gray this time and a bit bigger.  This version of myself was trying to console the red version.  Explaining that everything will be okay and to let go of the control, the pain and the hurt.  While I now no longer remember any more of the conversation (which usually happens after several waking hours), I do recall waking up feeling completely at peace. 

I love my snooze button and the dreams that occur in those 9 mins.


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