Juice Concentrate

Relationships…or maybe just mine….are like juice concentrate.

In the beginning, you are so focused on each other.  You are the “concentrate”.  There is nothing watering down the relationship. 

As the relationship progresses, slowly cans of water are added. 

  • Get married – add water
  • Move in together – add water
  • Shared finances – add water
  • Jointly maintaining a household – add water
  • Job issues – add water
  • Children –  add a BUNCH of water and then add some more
  •  etc…  – add water

Before you know it,  the concentrate you once were is watered down, less potent.  It’s hard to find the concentrate you once were but  you know it’s in there…somewhere.

This is my marriage.  We are lost in all of the water, disconnected by it.  I don’t know how to find the concentrate anymore.  I’m blinded by all of the water.

As for “him”,  the beauty or beast of an affair is you generally remain concentrate.  You are focused on each other.  You aren’t in a position to add any water.   However, what would happen if water was added.  If I was honest with myself, we would drown.

I don’t think the concentrate my affair was based on was strong enough to withstand too much water.  On the other hand, I wonder how much longer my marriage will stay afloat in all that water.



5 thoughts on “Juice Concentrate

  1. mpr53717 says:

    Well said…and resonates on so many levels.

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  2. grappledbythegrappler says:

    i wondered many times if i was married to the grappler, how would our lives be? would we drown with all the water added as well? or maybe we would have handled issues differently, maybe even better? it’s one of those things i’d never know. but the reason why we found comfort in each other was because of the many values we shared. *shoulder shrugs*


    • It’s hard to known how things will work out with anyone once every day life floods it with water. If I reversed the roles between the 2 men in my life, I may be feeling the same way about my now husband. We had a great relationship before water was added. I thought we could handle everything together. But a lot of unexpected water entered our lives.
      You aren’t alone on this path. I’m on there too.

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  3. […] into together, before we had children…before we were watered down.  A time when we were “Juice Concentrate” […]


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