Kick the bullies out of your mental gym

My Journey Through Life


Force your thoughts to go where you eventually want to be.

For some this is hard to do.  Myself included.  It takes a dedicated effort and a conscious decision to do so.  It’s easy to wallow in sadness, rejection, self defeat,anger, self pity.  Those emotions are soooo strong but….are they strong because they’ve been “working-out”?   Have they been taking up residency in your mental “gym”?  Perhaps it is time to allow different members into your mental “gym”, give them time to work out and become stronger….stronger than the current members.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading blogs about people going through the same struggles as I am.  I found comfort in those blogs.  Hey, I wasn’t the only one feeling sad, lonely, confused, rejected, anger etc.   But I started to realize something…the longer I focused my attention on that, I was continuing to allow those feelings to work-out in my mental…

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