The Sent Text Message and the Overthinker

So I did it..I caved and sent “him”, the OM, a text yesterday morning.  It simply said:

“Why did you runaway, {insert his name}? Why…”

That’s it. One little sentence…plain and simple.

I am an overthinker.  I can analyze the crap out of anything and spend hours doing so.  My mind does not shut off.  It constantly thinks, analyzes.  And…that one little sentence was not excluded.  That one little sentence took me about 4 hours to write and finally send.  Yes, 4 hours. 

I came up with about 10 other versions.  The first one was in my post “The Unsent Text Message“.  I found something wrong with each version.  I imagined his reaction to each one.  One was too bitchy, one was too pitiful, one was too long, one was too passive aggressive, one was broken into 2 text messages, one was too this or too that.   

Then just when I thought I had the perfect words, I started thinking about the best time to send it.  Since I don’t know what’s going on with him, this task was a bit challenging.  When I finally decided on the time, I reread the final text version and decided it wasn’t right…..sigh.  The hazards of an overthinker

Yes….lots of time wasted on that one little sentence.  And you know what I received in return.  Nothing.  It’s been 24 hours and no response.

I purposely sent a text versus an email so I can see that it was successfully delivered (always thinking).  So I know it got to his phone.  While part of me didn’t really expect him to reply, there is always that sliver of hope that the “perfect” words will trigger a response.  Now I’m overthinking and analyzing the outcome of this.  Picturing his reaction when he saw it, thinking about what went through his head. 

My mind is already thinking ahead…..The hazards of an overthinker….


14 thoughts on “The Sent Text Message and the Overthinker

  1. I found myself laughing while reading your post, not because I was laughing at you. But rather because every new scenario you imagined, I had already done so. I imagined I saw you reading, re-reading. Then checking and re-checking it. Then wondering if he got it, why didn’t he respond? Is he at work, is he with someone else? Or perhaps he doesn’t care, what is he thinking?
    Hope sending the message gives you some space in your head to devote to another cause 😊

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  2. i am told women always “overthink”. Regardless, what you did was a form of closure, a letting go if you will. May the cleansing message you sent give you a bit more freedom.


  3. I hope you find the closure. As I have said before…I believe you will hear from him. In time, when he is ready to explain the “why.” He may not know the why right now. In another correspondence with you, you alluded that he doesn’t really talk about the things that upset him. Maybe he doesn’t know how. Maybe until he can find “softer” words to use…he will avoid “the conflict” I don’t know, but just thinking out loud here. For your sake I hope you hear from him sooner than later. Thinking of you.

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  4. imaginarypowertrip says:

    closure is important. xo

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  5. I had an affair says:

    Right there with you. The waiting is the hard part. I hope my post didn’t cause you to overthink this! 🙂

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  6. sassygirl40 says:

    Oh I hope you get your closure!! I too am an over thinker…I tend to do this in conversations with people. I do not over think my part but I always over think and analyze what other people say to me or do….my best friend pointed this out to me and said “you know, sometimes ‘hello’ just means ‘hello'”…lol. I know it doesn’t relate to your post but anytime I start over analyzing or hear about someone who does, I totally think of her saying that and it makes me smile.

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