I used to …. But now I

I used to cry when I looked at his picture.
But now I look at it and think “what an asshole”.

I used to dwell on all the wasted years spent with “him”.
But now I don’t even think about it.  It’s in the past…can’t change it.

I used to check my email several times an hour to see if maybe, just maybe he sent me a message.
But now, I don’t check it at all.

I used to spend HOURS thinking of the perfect message to send him
But now, I’ve got A LOT of extra time lol

I used to spend HOURS trying to see if I could find out information on him.
But now, I have even more extra time.

I used to constantly wonder “why”.
But now, I’ve accepted that I may never know why.

I used to let all the negative emotions consume me.
But now, I stopped giving them power over me.

I use to crave closure.
But now, I’ve created my own closure.  It’s the only one I’m getting.

I used to cry myself to sleep.
But now I go to sleep with dry eyes and a calm heart.

I used to be sad, unhappy, depressed.
But now, I’m getting better.


8 thoughts on “I used to …. But now I

  1. Good for you! So happy for you. x

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  2. This post really hit home! I could have written the same words, except I am at the I used to part….I want to get to the but now I part. Thanks for sharing it gets easier.

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  3. sassygirl40 says:

    So happy for you!!!!

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  4. Been there, done that and I am more stronger. It is great to spend your emotions and energy in writing such beautiful pieces. Great post. – Ritter

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