More Pieces of the Story

When my x-ap disappeared last July, I knew there was another woman involved.  I had known since May and could pretty much narrow down when that relationship started….despite all his lies to me. 

I had always assumed he met her at a bar….maybe a waitress.  He worked at night and got off around midnight.  I knew he would go out for a drink sometime after work so it seemed reasonable that he met someone at a bar. 

Well I just found out that was not the case at all.  She actually worked with him…..and she is 23 years younger than him.  I found myself replaying old conversations in my head and now believe that relationship started way before May.  I’m shocked and I think I’m also hurt because now I believed he lied to me even more.  He always talked bad about the people he worked with except “this one young girl” who often needed a ride home.   I got the impression “this one young girl” was a teenager but I’m guessing 23 years younger is a “young girl” to him. 

I shouldn’t even care and part of me wants to say….you picked her,  you both left your job to go play house but neither of you have been working since then…. enjoy your life.  

That’s all I’ve got now….just absorbing the latest news and need to get it out of my head. 


3 thoughts on “More Pieces of the Story

  1. sassygirl40 says:

    I wish for your sake that he would have just stayed gone 😦 …
    I would be super pissed.

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  2. Me too! Be careful what you wish for. For months I wanted to hear from him. I wanted to know what happened. I got my wish and now I wish I didn’t or maybe it’s good I did. I’m able to see him from a different angle….a clearer one.


  3. foreverstuckinthemud says:

    I’m telling you that they are brothers from another mother!!! The similarities are amazing, same work shift, same lying a$$es.

    Take heart in knowing she will get bored with him, the age gap is too large for him to keep up. Just remember to stay strong and look at him as he truly is not how we wished they were, that’s the only thing I can do to not completely go off on mine.

    Although I must admit I’d love to give him a piece of my mind but I know I never will.


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