Memories – Double Edge Sword

I’m afraid to relive memories with P. (x-ap) but I’m also afraid to not relive them.  To relive them brings sadness, longing and yes..regrets for what is gone.  But…if I force those memories out of my mind and heart, they begin to fade.

Fading should be a good result considering the circumstance but it causes panic as well.  If the memories have the ability to fade from my mind and heart, that means they have probably already faded from his.

I don’t want to lose the memories.  If I lose the memories, I lose what is left of us.  But if I keep the memories alive, I keep the sadness alive as well.  Double edge sword.


4 thoughts on “Memories – Double Edge Sword

  1. Why not write them out? That way they are both lost and preserved.

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  2. KC says:

    The only way is letting go…moving on. You are not getting rid of the memories in your mind or heart, but you are releasing yourself from this pain and hold his memory has on you. It’s ok to grieve and hold on for awhile, but the time comes when you must tell yourself it’s ok to set yourself free. It won’t make what you felt or had with him any less real.

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