Greek, Greece…everywhere

As I’m trying to move on and let go, it seems the universe has other plans or is just punishing me… it hasn’t already done that enough. 

P. (x-ap) is Greek.  I’ve always wanted to go to Greece and we had plans of doing so one day. We talked in great detail about it. Through the course of our time together, he also taught me how to speak a little Greek. Those were some great memories.  So any time something Greek related comes up, it is a trigger for me.

In the last 24 hours, I’ve seen pictures on Facebook of a friend currently vacationing in Greece, found out that my boss is going to Greece in the Fall and discovered that the new cashier in my office cafeteria is Greek….a young very pretty Greek girl.

 That last one really stings.  I can’t help but look at her and think about the young Greek girl P. is with now.

What the hell….why do all these things pop up when I’m trying to forget, move on. Damn universe…..


2 thoughts on “Greek, Greece…everywhere

  1. Anonyman says:

    It’s not life, it’s you. You’re extra sensitive to, or even seeking out, things that remind you of him. I know because I’ve been there. My experience was as long as part of you isn’t ready to let go, you’ll keep looking for those little pieces of the other person. It’s hard, but that part of me had to die in order for me to live.

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  2. I am hypersensitive to any reminder that pops into my field of vision. This sucks but I can’t stay stuck here either. Thank you for your insight based on your experience.

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