“Why don’t you smile anymore..”

“Why don’t you smile anymore, mommy?

A question my young son asked me this morning.

Because life stole my smile buddy.  I’m not living the life for me.  I’m living the life that has been created around me,  one I don’t I fit in but one I’m trapped in. 

I just looked at him smiled and gave him a big hug before he could see the tears fill my eyes.


6 thoughts on ““Why don’t you smile anymore..”

  1. fight4urlover says:

    Hug for you. I feel the same sometimes. I wonder if I’m being selfish, or just with wrong person. I’m not gonna be young forever…if you call 49 young..lol..sometimes I feel a fresh start on my own, living in same area to be there for my kids would be good. I don’t think there’s a perfect woman or perfect man. Feeling just lacking some loving attention. There are those that would be happy to give it to me…emotional and physical, I just don’t want to run from anything…but I need more joy in life. I already decided I will leave before becoming depressed about situation. I don’t know what comes next…feel like going through the motions

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  2. Felicity says:

    My daughter told me ‘sometimes I feel sorry for you in life, because you look so sad’
    Yes. Yes we carry this love that means everything to us, but not to them. Hugs my friend xx

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