Will he or won’t he?

Last I heard P. was going to be “in town” this week….relatively speaking anyways.  Instead of being 1k miles away he will only be 100 or so miles away.  I think he arrived yesterday but I haven’t heard from him since last week.  

Will he or won’t he contact me while he is near? 

I’ll have an answer in a couple of days and if the answer is no then….I give up. I’m tired of this game.  

The good times we shared are being covered in his bullshit, empty promises and lies. I really don’t want the good times to be replaced with bad memories but…..maybe that’s what needs to happen. 

Who knows what the week ahead will bring…..


I think this is called a “sign”…

This appeared in my inbox. I can hear it screaming at me to pay attention to the message. 

Get out of my head and heart…NOW!

It’s been a challenging night. I can’t seem to get you out of my head.  So it’s going on here.  Hopefully, dumping all my screwed up thoughts and emotions will help get you out of my head and heart.

It’s been a month since I’ve heard from you, a month since you “disappeared”..promising to call in a couple days once you get settled.  You told me you needed me to trust you, that you weren’t pushing me away, that you were always with me.  Continue reading