The Creepers

Every once in awhile, those thoughts of what once was creep into my mind and heart. They come with their sharp knives, scissors and hammers and inflict pain on the slowly healing wounds.  

Thoughts are so powerful. They are the driver of how we feel and our daily outlook. It is a struggle every day to see the goodness around me. It is especially hard when the thoughts I’m trying to forget creep in and try to destroy the new seedlings of positive thoughts. 


Give yourself time…but


…eventually look up and take one step.

I gave myself time to stand still and feel the sadness, the hurt, the anger. But the scenery wasn’t changing.

Up ahead I started to see glimmers of sunshine. I took one step, then another and moved forward.  I left the spot where I stood cemented in grief..pried my heart away and forced it to look up.

The healing process can now begin.